Future Events (Help Needed!)

We Plan To Organize The Following Events (When There's Enough Help!)

In addition to our ongoing (fortnightly or monthly) Face-To-Face Group Guided Meditation events, we hope to also organize the following events (below) when we have enough people to help with the organization. If you'd like to offer your help, please contact us (click here).

Joe Dispenza Book Discussion Club

We plan to organize regular meetups where we go through and discuss Dispenza's various books like "Becoming Supernatural" and "Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself". We may also watch some of his Online Courses (e.g. Progressive and Intensive Course) together.

Half/Full/Multi Day Meditation Retreat

On special occasions, we plan to organize Meditation Retreats (in Bangkok and outside Bangkok) where our focus is on Meditating together. Our regular Group Meditation meetups normally consist of 2-hours of meditations, but every so often we plan to spend a longer time together meditating.

Coherence Healing

(Face-To-Face or Zoom)

When we have enough committed people, we plan to form a team (that will be hopefully be trained by Joe Dispenza's Organization) for Coherence Healing. This could be for people overseas (through Zoom) or for people in Bangkok.

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